Hannah Saunders

Hannah Saunders works at 107 Projects and is currently completing a Master of Art at UNSW. Hannah founded Art Somewhere to be a place where people can feel free and safe to experiment with art. She is passionate about creativity and its ability to positively impact communities.

Kate Schlunke

Kate Schlunke is a primary school art teacher and portrait artist living in Surry Hills, Sydney. She has a degree in Art History and Literature and is dedicated to helping young people find a way to express themselves through art. Kate’s favourite artist is Cy Twombly and she loves the colour orange.

Annette Innis

Annette Innis is a Sydney based artist whose personal practise specialises in figure paintings and portraits. For the last few years Annette has been working in the arts and health sector, exploring the positive impact of art on health and wellbeing through her involvement with participatory art programs. She is passionate about making art an accessible and enjoyable experience for all.